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Fray Day 8 Fredericksburg - the OTHER fredrock

About Fray Day 8 Fredericksburg

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Fray Day is coming to Fredericksburg this year. To quote the Fray Day FAQ, "Fray Day is an evening of true stories told by real people in real time." Basically it's an open mic night for performances of true stories, be they storytelling, music, interactive art, stand-up routines, what have you.

Fray Day 8 Fredericksburg
Date: Saturday, November 20th
Time: 8pm-midnight
Location: University of Mary Washington (specific hall TBA)

Fray Day has been held in D.C. for the past two years and both times it's been a blast (despite the complete lack of musical performers). I'm hoping many of you will deign attend and help make FD8F the area's preeminent (and more musical) Fray Day event.

If anyone would like to be a featured performer and get your name on the flyer, comment!
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