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February 13th. - the OTHER fredrock

About February 13th.

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Hey all!

        My names Tony, i play drums for local fredericksburg metalcore/hardcore band, Anahil, and i would like to let everybody know that our purevolume site is up and running with 3 new songs, so you can hear us on there. www.purevolume.com/anahilva and you can see more info on www.freewebs.com/anahil . I'd also like to advertise our next upcoming show...

Feb. 13

Shooters Billiards

445 Jefferson Davis Hwy.

Show starts at 2, doors open at 1... BANDS...

Mod Flanders Conspiracy,

Stillborn Beautiful



Go Get Your Gun

Eulogy For The Masses

My Hero Is Me

Archaeic Ritual


Be there!!!!!!! if you have any questions, contact me at anahildrums@yahoo.com or AIM sn anahilxdrums .  Peace... Tony

Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: Anahil- Too Long Without
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